Rachael MacFarlane is best known as the voice of teenaged rebel Hayley Smith on the animated primetime hit American Dad, created by Seth MacFarlane. She and Seth grew-up in a music-filled household with parents who appreciated everything from Sinatra to Steely Dan.

However, Rachael had shelved her long-ago dreams of singing professionally: “I’d resigned myself to thinking it wasn’t in the cards for me; that I’d have a nice career in animation and singing would be something I did just for fun.”

Then fate, in the form of an unexpected encounter, stepped in. Seth MacFarlane, a lifelong fan of the Great American Songbook, had begun work on his own debut album in early 2011. Rachael attended many of the recording sessions inside Capitol’s fabled Studio A for what would become his Grammy-nominated Music Is Better Than Words. During one of those recording sessions, MacFarlane was introduced to [legendary producer] Allen Sviridoff.

During their conversation, MacFarlane mentioned her love of music and her all-time favorite singer, Rosemary Clooney. Ironically, Sviridoff managed Rosemary for decades. MacFarlane sent Sviridoff her demo and one year later, she found herself back in Studio A, this time behind the microphone.